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Hangzhou Hengye Motor Manufacture Co.,Ltd is one of the famous China gear motors, AC electric motor, soybean milk machine, electric forklift motor, mobility scooter motor manufacturers and suppliers equipped with productive factory and company, welcome to buy cheap gear motors at low price from us.

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    Rupert Stadler Of New Driving Wheel
    In the 2004 Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster the machinery of public enemy (I, Robot), the RSQ Coupe designed Audi's first movie, deduce the year 2035 automobile design concept. There is a scene, RSQ was attacked by hostile robots, at this time, sitting in the car of will
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    Distributed Drive Electric Vehicle Architectu...
    Main structural characteristics of distributed drive electric vehicle drive motor mounted directly on the drive wheel is within or near the drive wheels, drive chain shorter, high efficiency, compact and other advantages. Motor car units of information, as well as control unit for rapid respons
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    Objects Sliding Cars Skid Is How To Achieve It?
    Knowledge point: slip is in the process of moving a sliding percentage of the automobile, car wheels and non-compare the speed of the driven wheels, you can get this proportion slip, or slip
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